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Jabulile Maphalala, Head Teacher, Phakamani Primary School

Before I became the Head Teacher of Phakamani Primary School, I was Deputy Head Teacher at Mzimpofu Primary School. As Deputy Head Teacher of a special needs school, I always had to come to the Examinations Council of Eswatini as our school constantly had to make special access arrangements for learners with disabilities. Each time we requested for specialised examination scripts like enlarged print papers, braille scripts and any special access arrangement, the Examinations Council of Eswatini would go out of its way to meet our needs as a school. The service I receive at ECESWA always from my days as a Deputy Head Teacher up to now when I am Principal has always come with a dose of hospitality, humility and care.

Lindiwe Mbazima, Head Teacher, Maryward Primary School

When I went to collect missing certificates for some of our learners at the Examinations Council of Eswatini, I was really amazed at the hospitality and service I received. I went there on a Friday after lunch, towards knock-off time. I must confess that I was a bit doubtful that I would receive any assistance since I had arrived late and I had imagined everyone was in a rush to go home. To my surprise, there was prompt service at every corner I went and the staff was willing to assist in every way possible. I was really taken aback by the warmth, professionalism and promptness of the staff of the Examinations Council of Eswatini. A young man who works at ECESWA also gave me a wall calendar and he made sure I was well attended.