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Examinations Council
of Eswatini

Combination of Results for Exams Sessions - JC Only
This service is offered to candidates who wrote JC exam in more than one sitting. The candidate will have two (or more) sets of results that may be combined into one set of results in order to qualify for a JC certificate which ECESWA will issue. Combination of results for different exam sessions should be done within five (5) years.

  • Statement of Results for all sittings
  • Letter from last school where candidate wrote exam
  • Certified copy of National ID (front and back) or birth certificate (below 16 years) – within 3 months
  • Charge - None

Banking Details

Method - Cash Deposit, Electronic Funds Transfer. Speedpoint/ Card
Swiping - VISA Card, Maestro Card.

  • Name Of Bank: FNB
  • Account Number : 62022235388
  • Branch Code: 280164
  • Name Of Bank: NEDBANK
  • Account Number : 020000026458
  • Branch Code: 360164
  • Name Of Bank: STANDARD BANK
  • Account Number : 9110004571749
  • Branch Code: 663164