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Examinations Council
of Eswatini

Certification of qualification This service is offered to candidates who want to certify their qualifications.

  • Copy of original certificate to be certified
  • Certified copy of National ID (front and back) or birth certificate (below 16 years)
  • Original Certificate

Verification of Results for Institutions
This is a service that is offered to public and private institutions for the purpose of ensuring that both their prospecting clients and employees possess genuine results.

  • A Letter from the Head/Manager of the institution to the Registrar
  • Copies of certificates or results of candidates to be verified
  • A list of names of the candidates/individuals whose results should be verified

Email to verifications@examscouncil.org.sz

Replacement/Printing of Statements of Results (SOR)
This service is provided in the event that the candidate has lost his or her statement of results (Symbols). Results are provided within 24 hours.

  • Applicant fills in Statement of Results Replacement Application Form
  • Letter from school/centre confirming that the candidate collected his/her results
  • Certified copy of National ID (front and back) or birth certificate (below 16 years)
  • Proof of payment from the bank Payment per exam session:
    • EPC                              E80
    • JC                                E80
    • O'LEVEL                        E80
    • IGCSE/EGCSE             E75


We conduct ourselves in a manner that will not bring the name of the institution that we work for into disrepute. We carry out our work with the utmost level of professional conduct that will leave our clients/customer impressed and respectful of ECESWA.


We engage ourselves fully and apply our best in our product/service offerings. We are in competition with no other but ourselves, dishing out excellent service as we continue to set the bar higher.


We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We do not overpromise because keeping our word is so vital to us than impressing our clients/customers.


We treat every client/customer that we come into contact with in their individuality and our dealings with the public is guaranteed of the assurance on the safety of all information at our disposal from any public domain.


We take full responsibility for our actions and the consequences thereof. We observe all protocols and give explanation of our actions and decisions to our principals.


We promptly attend and rectify all issues raised by clients/customer. Our products/services compare to none other and can be trusted across the globe.